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You must give up the entire concept of dieting on very low calories to lose weight. You’ll never lose weight permanently with low-calorie diets – it is physiologically impossible. Temporary dieting can only produce temporary results. You must use other methods. Let’s look at some strategies you can use to lose fat permanently while staying out of the starvation mode.

1. Adopt the “habit” mindset instead of the “diet” mindset

The first step towards losing fat permanently has more to do with your mindset than it does with nutrition or exercise. You have to change your entire attitude about nutrition and exercise.

Instead of adopting the mindset of short-term “diets,” you must adopt the mindset of lifelong “habits.” A habit is a behavior that you perform automatically without much conscious thought or effort.

Once a habit is firmly established – good or bad – it takes enormous strength to break it. It’s like trying to swim upstream against the current.

The entire concept of “dieting” for fat loss is flawed. When you say you’re “going on a diet”, the underlying implication is that it’s a temporary change and at some point you’re going to have to “go off” the diet.

With this type of attitude, you’re setting yourself up for failure right from the start.

2. Keep your muscle at all costs

The critical factor in turning your body into a “fat-burning machine” is to build and maintain as much lean body mass as possible. Muscle is the bodybuilder’s fat burning secret weapon!

Muscle is your metabolic furnace. The more muscle you have, the more calories you burn, even at rest.

With more muscle, you burn more calories even while you sleep. With a higher lean body mass, you’ll also burn more calories during exercise. If you put two people side by side jogging on a treadmill, one of them with 180 pounds of lean body mass and the other with 150 of lean body mass, the person with 180 pounds of lean body mass will burn more calories from the same workout.

The most efficient way to burn more calories and lose more body fat is to gain more muscle. That’s why weight training is an important part of the fat loss equation.

3. Use a small calorie deficit.

To lose body fat, you must be in negative calorie balance (a calorie deficit). You can create a calorie deficit by increasing activity, by decreasing calories or with a combination of both.

The most efficient approach to fat loss is to decrease your calories a little and increase your activity a lot.

The most commonly recommended guideline is to reduce your calories by 500 less than your maintenance level. For example, if you are female and your calorie maintenance level is 2100 calories per day, then a 500-calorie deficit would put you at  1600 calories per day.

If you’re a male with a calorie maintenance level of 2900 calories per day, then a 500-calorie deficit would put you at 2400 calories per day.

A 500-calorie deficit over seven days is 3500 calories in one week. There   calories in a pound of fat, so (in theory), a 500 calorie per day deficit will result in aloes of one pound of body fat per week.

It follows that a 750-calorie deficit would produce a loss of one and a half pounds per week and a 1000-calorie deficit would produce a two-pound per week reduction but approach that carefully to make sure you’re not losing too much muscle.

4. Use exercise to burn the fat rather than diets to starve the fat

To lose body fat, there must be a calorie deficit. Such are the laws of thermodynamics and energy balance.However, there’s more than one way to create calorie deficit. One way is to decrease your calorie intake from food.

The other is to increase the amount of calories you burn though exercise.

Of the two ways to create a calorie deficit, burning the calories is the superior method. This is because large calorie deficits cause muscle loss and trigger the starvation response.

Ironically, most people do the opposite: They slash their calories to starvation levels and exercise too little or not at all. This causes a decrease in lean body mass and invokes the starvation mechanism.

Paradoxical as it seems, the most effective approach to fat loss is to eat more (keep the calorie reduction small) and let the exercise burn the fat.

You don’t have to starve yourself – you just have to choose the right foods and make exercise a part of your lifestyle.

Here are the reasons why exercise – not dieting – is the superior method of losing body fat:

1. Exercise – aerobic and weight training – raises your metabolic rate.

2. Exercise creates a caloric deficit without triggering the starvation response.

3. Exercise is good for your health. Dieting is harmful to your health.

4. Exercise, especially weight training, signals your body to keep your muscle and

Not burn it for energy. Dieting without exercise can result in up to 50% of the Weight loss to come from lean body mass.

5. Exercise increases fat-burning enzymes and hormones.

6. Exercise increases the cells sensitivity to insulin so that carbohydrates are burned for energy and stored as glycogen rather than being stored as fat.

5. Determine your minimal calorie requirements and never drop below them – ever!

One way to ensure that you never go into starvation mode is to determine the minimum amount of calories you can eat without slowing your metabolism.

Then, use that as your rock bottom calorie number.

Because nutrition must be individualized, it is difficult to set an absolute single figure for everyone as a minimal calorie requirement,  so it is imperative to sit down with a professional to help you get as close as you can to your target number.

6. Eat more frequently and never skip meals The body interprets missed meals as starvation. Let us suppose you eat lunch at 12:00 noon and dinner at 7:00 pm.

If you skip breakfast the next day, that is 17 hours without food. This sends an unmistakable signal to your body that you are starving, even if your lunch and dinner are large meals.

Your goal should be to eat approximately every three hours. Establish scheduled meal times and stick to them. Regularity in your eating habits is critical.

By eating smaller portions more frequently, you’ll be able to eat more food than you’ve ever eaten before without being deprived or starving yourself.

Most people say they eat more on this program than they’ve ever eaten yet they get leaner than they’ve ever been before.

7. Don’t stay in a negative calorie balance long

The chances are good that you know at least one person who always seems to be on a diet. The odds are also good that although these habitual dieters may achieve some small weight losses, they are among the 95% that always gain it back.

Then, discouraged with the failure of their last diet, they quickly embark on the latest “diet of the month” and repeat the cycle.

When fat loss stops or begins to slow down after being in a substantial calorie deficit, most people panic and cut their calories even further. Sometimes this works and it breaks the plateau.

More often than not, it digs you into an even deeper metabolic rut. The best thing you can do is to raise your calories for a few days or sometimes even for a few weeks.

Your body’s weight regulating mechanism works both ways: It can decrease your rate of energy expenditure when there is a calorie deficit, or it can also increase its rate of energy expenditure when there is a calorie surplus.

When you eat more, your body burns more. A temporary increase in calories when you have hit a plateau will “spike” your metabolic rate.

It sends a signal to your body that you are not starving and that it is ok to keep burning calories.

This practice of raising your caloric intake up and down is known as “cycling” your calories (also known as the “zigzag” method).

In general, the lower you go with your calories, the more important it is to take periodic high calorie days.

We’ll take a closer look at “cycling” your calorie and macro nutrients intakes in later posts.

8. Make your goal to lose weight slowly at a rate of 1-2 lbs. per week. Be patient.

The best way to lose fat permanently without muscle loss is to lose weight slowly with a focus on exercise rather than severe calorie cutting.

We already made the suggestion to lose no more than two pounds per week. Let us take a closer look at the logic behind that recommendation.

This two-pound figure has become almost universally accepted as the standard guideline for safe weight loss.

Why? Because you can lose more than two pounds of weight per week, but you’re highly unlikely to lose more than two pounds of fat per week.

Even at two pounds per week, it’s difficult to lose 100% body fat with no loss of lean body mass!

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 If your not into Foot ball and these “presidential Debates” are boring you take a few minutes and pick a few of these tips and implement them into your routine and watch your results improve.



1: Write down your goals.


2: Create a fitness action plan.


3: Devise a desirable reward.




4: Set a completion date.



5: Enter a competition. (insert 6 week challenge)



6: Enter a competition amongst your friends.



7: Plaster motivational quotes all over your house.


8: Write “Every Day is a New Battle” on your bathroom mirror.



9: Post your favorite fitness role model on your refrigerator.


10: Post your favorite fat picture on your refrigerator.


11: Type “Your Character is your Destiny” on your screen saver.


12: Type “Get off your Fat Butt” on your screen saver.


13: Practice core strength by using a stability ball for a chair.



14: Rollover and do some crunches in-between emails on your stability ball chair.


15: Buy a nice out fit that will fit you in two months.


16: Donate all your fat clothes to Salvation Army or your favorite charity.


17: Moderate your strict eating with a fat meal once a week.


18: When eating your fat meal, look at the body type of other people who eat fat meals daily.


19: Buy some fitness magazines.


20: Read Body For Life by Bill Phillips



21: Join a fitness web blog:


22: Read “The Edge” (This is the most motivating sports book ever)



23: Pray and thank God you only have to lose half the weight he lost.


24: Make a supportive fitness group. (Join Fysiques By Ferguson group on Facebook)


25: Hang around fit friends.


26: Surround yourself with people and things that promote a healthy lifestyle.


27: Find a running/workout  partner.



28: Inspire your own partner to workout with you.


29: Create fitness goals with your partner.


30: Make a workout and diet log.


31: Personalize your journal by adding inspirational quotes and pictures. (I love the quotes from “The Best of Success” book)


32: Document your progress: weight, body fat, and measurements.


33: Attend a bodybuilding/fitness show.


34: Talk to competitors and pros that live for fitness.


35: Ask your role models what motivates them.


36: Take a chance and email your role model off their web site.


37: Take a supplement  to support your efforts in the gym.


38: Drink some water.



39: Drink more water.



40: Date someone more fit than you.


41: Date someone who inspires you. (Ok easy guys I said inspires you to get fit)



42: Date someone you want to look really good naked for.


(If you are single of course)




Men are driven by symbols of fertility that women possess, and vice versa. In addition you both need to be on the same page to stay fit and have a great sexual chemistry.



43: Shave your body so you can see all your muscles.



44: Tan your body so you can see all the lines and contours of your muscles


( Ladies dont kill me but I appreciate a nice tan) . Obviously do it sensibly.



45: Go to the beach often. Vegas pool parties are good motivators as well. Did I hear Rehab at the hard rock.



46: Hire a trainer. Scratch that I meant a fitness professional.


47: Become a trainer. Many of my clients who got in great shape became personal trainers because they experienced first hand the effects of changing their own lives.( Go Meagan)


48: Ask questions.( The only way to truly get better)


49: Join a bootcamp.


50: Buy new athletic shoes. (okay thats for me! I’ll admit)



51: Buy a new workout outfit. (thats for you ladies)


52: Buy clean, new and comfortable socks. ( keep the funk in the music)


53: Workout hard BUT have fun at the gym.


54: Do group training with a friend. ( Saturdays and weeknights you can bring a different friend to workout with you for FREE at Fysiques By Ferguson)


55: Do HIIT training. (High Intensity Interval Training)


56: Get a MAT or  a massage once a week. (Only if you worked out hard and didn’t miss. This is a reward)


57: Drink an energy drink. (I like  Green Tea)


58: Plan a vacation where you have to wear a swimsuit.


59: Read Lance Armstrong’s biography.


60: Envision your workout during your warm-up.


61: Focus on the workout, one set at a time.


62: Treat your workouts like you are getting paid for it based on performance.


63: Conquer your negative thoughts by pushing your body into painful consciousness.


64: Experiment on how much you can make yourself sweat. (No not by sitting in the sauna)


65: Make it a goal to be the fittest person in the weight room – or any room for that matter.


66: Test your  limits with your interval training. (Make sure to warm up)


67: Post a fitness calender on your wall. (If you are married ask BEFORE putting Sports Illustrated swimsuit Calender on your wall)



68: Put a before picture of you on the wall.


69: Watch pumping iron. (a classic)


70: Read the blogs of your favorite trainers (or email me and I’ll sign you up for my news letter)


71: Don’t buy a home exercise bike or treadmill. Studies show that 93% become clothes hangers after the first 6 months.



72: Become the inspiration amongst your friends.


73: Help someone who is very overweight or wants to gain muscle.


74: Visit me on face books for updates and friend


75: Place your alarm clock across your bedroom so that you have to get up to turn it off in the morning.


76: Place your athletic shoes right next to your alarm clock.


77: Place a quote right next to your alarm clock that says: “Today you are closer to the person you were meant to become.”



78: Alarm your cell phone to give you daily reminders to eat, workout and give gratitude.


79: Volunteer your time with people who don’t have full function of their bodies. ( personal way to not stress over your short comings)


80: Volunteer your passion for fitness at a senior center.


81: Look up new, healthy recipes to cook. (I love the book eating for life by Bill Phillips, and Eat Clean By Tosca Reno )


82: Search for new, healthy restaurants eat at ( stay tune for a  monthly resturant review from me)


83: Observe the body type of the people at restaurants you shouldn’t eat at.


84: Read the book “What to say to yourself when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter, PH.D.


85: Learn a new exercise technique like Kettle Bell training and Body weight exercises.



86: Turn off your TV and  go for a walk or run.


87: Buy a new MP3 player or IPOD and put some high, energy, workout songs on it. (classic rock, Heavy Metal,Old School and Hip Hop are my favorites)


88: Buy new workout devices like a heart rate monitor  Just too monitor your intensity.(There not magic, just tools to see where your at)


89: Once a week go to the gym at a different time to workout by yourself.


90: Meet with your trainer monthly, weekly to manage your goals.


91: Workout using all new exercises.


92: Vary your cardio by changing the type of cardio you do!


93: Get passionate enough to write an article about your success and send it to us.



94: You know what motivates you. Quit reading and make it happen.


95: Focus on your goal again  right before you train.


96: Cook your food for the week.


97: Place workouts in your planner, blackberry or what ever organizer you use and stick with it.


98:  Refer your family and friends if you appreciate you fitness coach


99. Read articles by my man Dr Mercola :




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